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red garage doorWhen it comes to upgrading your home, one place you might want to start with is your garage. By adjusting your garage door you can greatly improve an area in your house you spend a good amount of the time in. Of course, when it comes to entire door replacements you need to know exactly what you are doing. You don’t want to rip out the current garage door and install something which you actually don’t want. This is why you will need the help of certified professionals like us. A 2 Z Garage Doors has been servicing the Queens NY. When a company has been around for so long, you know you are going to receive exceptional service no matter what garage doors you need remodeled or installed. You will save a good amount of money by using our services, and you will always have a guarantee that the installation process was done correctly from the very first time.

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Garage Door Installation

garage interiorProperly functioning garage doors add both a measure of privacy for you and a great protection for your vehicles. In Queens NY the locally owned and operated installation company for garage doors. Our installation team has many years of experience both in garage door installation and in repairing garage doors.  You can contact us at (718) 887-9667 and learn more about the prices we offer. We are also available to come to your property for a free analysis and recommendation of the best type of doors for your garage. Depending on your exterior decor, an outward opening door might be more appropriate than an overhead opening door. Our garage doors open electronically in a number of ways:

  • by a remote control kept in your car
  • by a remote control on a key chain
  • by a switch or button control panel attached to the inside of the garage
  • through the use of an app on your smart phone.

Once you have made your selection, our team can complete your garage door installation within a few hours. Your new doors will operate flawlessly, they will be perfectly fitted to prevent outside inclement weather from getting inside, and they will come with infrared sensor beams that will prevent the doors from closing if someone or something is in the direct path of a closing door. No matter how many garage doors are installed, each door will have individual sensor beams. This is a great asset for homes with pets and children. We also have a selection of outside lights that can be attached to the garage frame for adequate lighting when using the garage doors during night time reduced visibility. Garage doors are viewed as an added prevention against car theft by property insurance companies. You can check with your insurance company to see if your new garage doors qualify for a policy discount.

We will give you an estimate for the entire project before we do any work and we do require your written approval to begin any work. We will gladly meet any reasonable written estimate you have for the same work. We will gladly meet any reasonable written estimate you have for the same work. You can call us today at (718) 887-9667 for a free home visit as early as tomorrow morning. We also do garage door installation replacements for home insurance damage claims.

Garage Door Repair

What’s Wrong With My Garage Door?

back yard view of a house with garageThere’s nothing worse than driving home in the rain anxious to pull in to the dry sanctuary of your garage when you push the opener button and nothing happens. You push it twice, carefully aiming it at the door but still nothing happens. Wait—did it move a little? Nope. Thoroughly annoyed, you park in the driveway and hustle to the front door to seek shelter from the rain. If you experience similar situations on a regular basis it is probably time that you do some repair works aimed at your garage door.

A 2 Z Garage Doors can solve any problem that plagues your garage door. In this push-button world of instant gratification we know how frustrating it is when something you rely on daily needs repair. That’s why we’re here to serve you anywhere in the entire Queens NY area.

For something that seems so simple, just a door and an opener, may people will attempt to perform garage door repairs alone. This is a bad idea unless you are completely confident in what you’re doing simply because the most common garage door repair, replacing springs, can be rather complicated. For example, the springs that hold a 300-pound door are under 300 pounds of spring force to counterbalance the weight of the door for ease of opening and closing—one wrong move can cause serious injury and even death.

A 2 Z Garage Doors repair technicians have performed thousands of repairs and specifically changed out thousands of torsion springs and extension springs and we understand the forces at work involved with torque including all parts connected to the spring system. Before attempting this task alone, give us a call and we’ll come out and assess what’s wrong for you. Call us at (718) 887-9667 to learn more about our rates – we can match any repair budget without compromising on the quality. If you want top quality garage door repair service at the most affordable rates you are at the right place.

Maybe it’s not even the springs that need replacing but an opener malfunction. Or your doors may be off track. There are several places your tracks or rollers could be out of alignment or damaged. Or maybe screws are loose or missing from some of the several anchor brackets or from within sections of the door itself; this lack of strength and support can cause the door to function improperly. A metal door could be bent causing the problem and a very old wooden door could finally have warped to the point of causing interference. Whatever the problem may be, A 2 Z Garage Doors is glad to let you know that your repair will be quick, easy and inexpensive. We have the resources to get you the best equipment at the lowest prices.

So when you don’t know what’s wrong with your garage door, A 2 Z Garage Doors will be there for you. We will save you time and money, and possibly harm, with just one phone call. Get to us at (718) 887-9667 if you want to obtain some additional information about the rates and services we provide in the Queens NY area.

Garage Door Supplier

house with garageWhen you need doors for a new garage, need to replace your doors, or just need repair parts, A 2 Z Garage Doors has exactly what you are looking for. We have been serving homeowners in Queens NY. We are a locally owned and operated garage door supplier. We take great pride in helping our neighbors maintain a pleasing appearance of their property. A garage door that is bent, misaligned or hanging off the supports will not operate properly or not operate at all. Your garage can be fixed in one day if you call A 2 Z Garage Doors and you can use it that same evening after we have attended your property.

Our garage doors will compliment any home exterior d?cor. The styles can accommodate both manual and mechanical operating preferences. The doors are designed to either swing outward or to open upward. As your garage door supplier we will come to your home with samples to help you make the best match, in style and size, for your home. Our initial visit is free of charge and can be arranges at a time convenient for you.

Electronically controlled doors can be installed to operate:
– from an outside, pass code protected control box attached to the garage frame,
– from a switch inside the garage,
– from a remote control kept in your car, or
– from a key chain remote control.

The garage lights can be wired to turn on when the door opens and turn off after a preset time.

If you don’t do a lot of home repairs or you aren’t experienced in working with electricity, it is worth the small installation fee to have a professional do the work. When a A 2 Z Garage Doors technician installs your garage doors. We sell only top quality industry name brand supplies. You will be given the manufacturer’s warranty for the garage door motor.

A new fully functional garage does more than looking good. Your vehicle is protected from inclement weather which will extend the vehicle’s exterior beauty. An electronic door means you do not have to get out of your car to open the door late at night or in bad weather. Both you and your vehicle will be protected when you use A 2 Z Garage Doors as your garage door supplier. Call us today at (718) 887-9667 for a free home visit to see what we have to offer. We have the best prices in Queens NY. We will give you a free written estimate and we will need your written approval before any work is done. Call us today and schedule an appointment for as early as tomorrow and you will be able to enjoy your new garage in just a couple of days.

Garage Door Service

House with garage doorGarage doors play of vital importance for any household, business facility or office building. It keeps the contents from getting lost or stolen and provides privacy from the outside world. Unfortunately, getting an automated garage door with all the convenience and security features you could ask for will require expelling of tons of resources. If you need a new garage door or assistance for installing or repairing one, A 2 Z Garage Doors is a great option to consider. A 2 Z Garage Doors offers high-end garage door products and exceptional garage door services for clients in Queens NY. Our firm is the flagship for this respective market niche within the entire Queens NY district as well as its surrounding areas.

Buying a garage door is not an easy task nor the part where you have to install or repair it. It requires good knowledge and understanding regarding the market plus the experience and skill set to carry out the task. If you are an average Joe with no significant training whatsoever for handling such issues, A 2 Z Garage Doors is a good service provider to entrust your needs to. The key to successful garage door sales is a broad variety of choices to select from plus the unwavering passion and dedication to serve others. A 2 Z Garage Doors carries these qualities. You can spare yourself the effort and time from browsing garage doors to actually installing it right out of the box.

Whether you need a up-and-down or sliding garage door, installation or repair, , we’ve got everything you could possibly need. There is no project that’s too big or too small for us, no case that is too challenging or impossible for us. So what made us so popular, you might ask? We’ve been the crowd-favorite contractor for garage doors since we began decades ago. Our hallmark is our cheap and affordable prices that are accompanied by swift services. We can cater to same-day needs without compromising the results. We also streamline our efforts towards safety. A poorly built or incorrectly installed garage door can entail safety hazards. We make sure these risks are eliminated and prevented.

There are seeming hundreds of services enveloped by garage door services. While this is a relatively small market sector, different clients have different needs when it comes to their garage doors. Contact us today and speak with our friendly tech support about the service you need or wish to achieve.

If it so happens that you require services for your garage doors, we can be there in no time to assist and manage the responsibilities ourselves. With friendly tech support, affordable and unmatched prices and an unwavering passion and commitment towards providing the best garage door service, what’s not to like about A 2 Z Garage Doors? Contact us today at (718) 887-9667 to learn more of our services!

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